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Sprinkle Puff Sales
9th-Jul-2014 12:47 pm


  • Located in Wisconsin
  • All items come from a clean, smoke-free home
  • US buyers preferred
  • Paypal preferred
  • Feedback here.

*** PLEASE READ: I've only put a few photos on this post to make it easier to load. There are plenty more photos of each item that can be viewed on the Imageshack albums HERE.***


Rilakkuma Bag eBay Auction
Click here for auction page

The giant squishy Rilakkuma face bag! A personal favorite of mine, this bag was purchased brand new with tags via Yahoo Japan Auctions and used once by me. It's quite roomy and can easily fit some cash, a little mirror, a small cell phone, and a number of other items. You'd be surprised how much can fit in this guy. The yellow strap is adjustable and measures almost 21" at its longest length. Rilakkuma himself measures roughly 10.5" wide and a little over 8" tall not including his ears. In like new condition with no stains or damage.

Gloomy Bear Pouches eBay Auction
Auction Page for Pink
Auction Page for White

Two rare prize-only Gloomy Bear pouches that I purchased new from Yahoo Japan Auctions about 3 years ago. Perfect for Guro or to go with BTSSB’s Gloomy Bear items. They are super soft and have a clip on each ear to attach straps to. The pouches are quite roomy and can easily fit a small cell phone, some cash, a mirror, and some other tiny items. Both measure a little over 7.5" wide by a little under 6" tall not including the ears. Never used, no stains or damage. The white pouch comes with a red shoulder purse strap I bought myself; the pink pouch does NOT come with a strap.

Giant Cupcake Prop eBay Auction
Click here for auction page

A marvelous cupcake decoration purchased at a Yankee Candle store, perfect for a lolita bedroom or fun photoshoot. I’m not sure if this was a store decoration they were getting rid of rather than a regular sale item, as there were some other strange items on clearance at the same time. There was only one cupcake in the store with a handwritten price tag. This cupcake is quite large and completely solid. It does not open up - it has no functional use except to sit there and declare, "yes, I am a giant cupcake.” It has bubblegum pink frosting that sparkles with white glitter (try not to touch the glitter too much - it can shed) and gumballs in shades of red, yellow, green, white, and dark brown/black. The base of the cupcake is a deep brown with white frosting. See the photos for an idea of its size. It’s fairly heavy, so shipping is a little pricy.


Angelic Pretty Mint Honey Cake Socks: $26
For sale is a pair of gently used AP Honey Cake socks in mint. These were worn once at a convention for about 7/8 hours. I wore them with little “bootie” socks underneath to keep them extra clean. No stains or tears, just a teensy bit of pilling.

Bodyline Lace Sock Toppers: $12
For sale is a pair of sock toppers from Bodyline. I wore these a few times. No damage or stains, just a tiny bit of wear as they're a little old.

GLW Split Bob: $33
For sale is a brand new, tags removed split bob wig from GLW. This is their older style bob that's no longer produced. The newer bobs look like they're a bit longer. I reaaaally love this wig, but the lighter brown color doesn't suit me. I tried this on twice for a total of about five minutes each.

Pink Pigtail Wig: $23
For sale is a wig purchased via Yahoo Japan Auctions. It’s a lovely pastel pink bob with blond mixed in and comes with pigtails (the pigtails are on ties rather than clips). I wore this once for a total of about 7/8 hours. Please note that at my request, the seller trimmed the bangs, but she didn’t do as good of a job as I would have hoped; they're quite blunt and I think there's some uneven layers in there.

Red Bodyline Shoes: $32
For sale is a pair of size 24.5 red matte Bodyline shoes. I normally wear a US 8.5. These were worn once at a convention for about 7 hours (indoors with minimal outdoor walking). They have heart buckles and punched-out hearts all around the shoe, plus two red bows. The fluffy white pom poms ARE removable. They easily slide off without causing any damage (they are not glued or sewn on), and can be taken off and put back on in a matter of seconds. When I wore these the pom poms tended to shift around a little as I walked, which I found annoying. There is some minor damage to the shoes, mainly scuffing. See the Imageshack album for photos.

Angelic Pretty Wired Bow: $43
I searched for this bow for years before finally finding it. It’s wired and can thus be posed to your heart's desire. With two pink satin bows in the middle and two different kinds of lace, this is a gorgeous bow that frames your face beautifully. I find it to be very flattering, more so than other large headbows that just perch on top of your head. The lace is white, although it can look light pink depending on the lighting. I could not find any stains or signs of damage on the bow. Worn by its previous user a few times and once by me. Measures roughly 11.5" wide in the style I have it currently bent in.

Handmade White Headbow w/Chocomint Clip: $24
For sale is a handmade white headbow from an Etsy user with a 2-way Chocomint Tea clip pinned to it. You can, of course, remove the Chocomint clip if you desire and attach it directly to your hair, your purse, etc. No stains, damage, etc on either the bow or clip. The bow measures roughly 6.5" wide. Worn once by me.

Kiiroitori Hair Clip: $14
For sale is a Kiiroitori plush hair clip I bought about a year ago from Yahoo Japan Auctions. This was a prize-only item in Japan. Kiiroitori attaches to your hair via a standard barrette clip. He came to me brand new, but part of the barrette appears to have what's either a tiny bit of rust or glue visible. Otherwise he has no damage. I wore him once clipped onto a headbow, actually - he looks so cute perched in a fluffy wig! Like he's sitting in a nest. :3 Very fun for themed outfits. Measures a little over 3" wide by 2.5" tall.

Rilakkuma Ear Hair Clips: $10
For sale is a set of puffy plush Rilakkuma ears purchased about a year ago from Yahoo Japan Auctions and never worn. These were also a prize-only item in Japan. They attach to your hair via standard barrette clips. These are a little hard to measure, but they're just slightly over 2" tall.

Sweet Lolita Ring Set: $10
For sale is a set of 6 sweet Lolita rings. Included are a handmade mint ice-cream with chocolate frosting ring (etsy), a pink macaroon with gems ring (ebay), a cookie with chocolate frosting and sprinkles ring (ebay), a cookie with whipped cream and bow ring (etsy), a Rilakkuma honey container ring (etsy), and a Rilakkuma pancake plate ring (etsy). Also included in this lot are 9 blank base rings that you can attach your own cabochon to (it was a pack of 10 but I used one). All rings are adjustable. I noticed trace amounts of brown tarnish on a few of the rings, but they were only worn once - a few twice.

Cabochon/Gem Lot: $15
For sale is a lot of mixed cabochons/gems. Don't ask me to count them - goodness knows how many there are! Included are bright rainbow-colored circles, stars, and hearts, 4 pieces of milk chocolate in white, mint, dark, and strawberry, a mixed lot of hearts, a bunny face, bows, and a teddy bear, a big silver heart, another mixed baggie of pastel colored stars (various sizes) and bows, and lastly, a mixed bag of slightly glittery pastel hearts.

Pastel Bracelet Lot: $10
For sale is a set of four stretchy pastel star bracelets from Etsy. Although they ARE stretchy, I recommend them for smaller wrists so they don't look too stretched out. I only wore these once.

Hair Accessory Lot: $15
For sale is a mixed lot of hair accessories including 2 pink pom-pom hair ties (that can also be used as bracelets), a handmade candy hair clip with stars on it from Etsy, a tiny pink bow with purple and pink pom poms from a girly accessory store in Beijing, and a 2-way Rilakkuma clip with candy and stars charm. I bought the Rilakkuma clip secondhand, and the pink candy charm has some brown spots on it (see Imageshack photos). All items worn once.

Chocomint Hug Clip: $12
For sale is a 2-way Chocomint "Hug Me" heart clip. I bought this new and never used it. Super fluffy, put it on your outfit, your purse, in your hair, or on your headbow! Measures roughly 4.5" tall.

Chocomint Star Clip: $10
For sale is a 2-way pastel star Chocomint clip. I put this on a purse for a few days and then took it off, so it's still in excellent condition. HOWEVER, the actual clip on the back has always seemed a little loose to me - you could add a dab of hot glue underneath it just to be on the safe side. Measures almost 6" tall.

White Wrist Cuffs: $15
For sale is a pair of solid white wrist cuffs with white bows. Worn once, no damage.

Mint x Pink Wrist Cuffs: $19
For sale is a pair of mint green wrist cuffs with pink bows and faux pearls. Worn once, no damage. It was hard to get a photo showing their true color, so this may be a little off. Just remember that they're mint green.

White x Pink Wrist Cuffs: $19
For sale is a pair of white wrist cuffs with two pink bows. Worn once, no damage.

Guro Lot: $25
For sale is a mixed Guro lot including a blood-splattered Japanese-style eyepatch from Etsy, 2 red pom pom pins that can be attached to your socks or wherever you desire, a blood bag drip cell phone charm (blood type A), two miniature Gloomy Bear arms, and a pair of blood-splattered white socks also from Etsy. The socks measure a little over 17.5" tall and were worn once. They are still in excellent condition. Note that the blood spots are paint and therefore feel a little rough. I wore the pom poms once on some socks, but the rest of the items are new.

10th-Jul-2014 01:44 am (UTC)
I will take it. I will PM you my PayPal?
10th-Jul-2014 01:45 am (UTC)
Sounds good! I should be able to ship them tomorrow.
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